Funk to Fabulous In Fourteen Days

A Neuropsychologist’s Tool Belt for Finding Brain Happiness

Dr. Wetherby’s upcoming book!

Do you want to feel happier more often, but just aren’t sure about how to get there? Are you tired of everyday worries pulling you into a funk? In Funk to Fabulous in Fourteen Days, neuropsychologist Dr. Mary Wetherby describes specific tools to use in a fourteen day program to decrease the funk and increase your fabulous!

Dr. Wetherby has learned that no matter the situation, happiness tends to be one of people’s greatest achievements, and has developed a unique perspective about how the brain is involved in our happiness. From over twenty years of practice in neuropsychology, she has discovered that there tend to be common elements that help people. She developed strategies that helped person after person get closer to the goal of happiness, regardless of the other issues that person was facing.

She refers to these as the tools for your tool belt, which will show you how to:

  • Reach a new level of happiness
  • Reduce the amount of time spent worrying and in a funk
  • Reduce negativity and increase positivity
  • See possibilities instead of impossibilities
  • Know what to change and how to change it!

Are you ready to have a little fun making some big changes? Then get ready to go from Funk to Fabulous in Fourteen Days!