Instead of making a “to do” list for the new year, try making a “to be” list.

Usually people make lists of things to do in the New Year like “lose weight”, “exercise”, “eat healthier”, and “quit smoking” instead of making a list of qualities they would like to see in themselves.
bee-fabulous-for-new-yearThinking of qualities that you would like to possess, like kindness or patience, can lead to the behavior change that  you would like to see in yourself.

  • Try putting a sign in your room that says “be strong”, for example. Working on a BE STRONG goal can lead to more willpower, not having seconds, sticking to that new diet, and exercising when you don’t feel like it.
  • Working on a BE PATIENT goal can help you control that “road rage”.
  • Instead of making a goal to finish a project, set a goal for yourself to BE TENACIOUS in general. Being tenacious will help you not only finish that one goal, but to also tackle others that come up during the year.


Qualities to Consider for the New Year:

be strong

be kind

be patient

be motivated

be tenacious

be goal-driven

be positive